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About Us

     Dalian Dingda Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, which is  committed to project management, product management, innovation management, agility management, supply chain management, other aspects of talent training, consulting services, IT software technology development, Internet information technology, information system integration,  information technology consulting, and technical personnel delivery services. Dalian Dingda Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a company that has a good reputation  and professional strength. The Company has established long-term cooperation relations with a  number of global top 500 enterprise and domestic well-known enterprises. The cooperative service scopes involve in information technology, communication, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, finance, power and other fields, especially good at recommending middle and high-end  and key positions for foreign enterprises. The Company is not only providing existing customers  with high-quality and high-end services, but also seeking more diversified cooperation opportunities as we continue to develop. With the concept of “focus, integrity, professionalism and win-to-win”, we create future and  commercial value for our customers, and help enterprises and managers achieve transcendence  and breakthrough! Our clients include: Japan OST, Cisco, IBM, Huaxin, Ping An, NTT, Neusoft, Liaoning Branch  of Bank of China, RHI, Jilin Branch of China Mobile, Huiming Medicine, Yihui Technology, Innocellence, Lilly, etc.



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