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General Management Courses

Course name Course content Course Benefits
Design Thinking Innovation should be based on "user-centered" thinking;Products, services and marketing are an ecosystem; Learn the workflow of systematic innovation;Apply design thinking to innovative breakthroughs in helping existing businesses Allow students to produce tangible changes,help students improve their thinking and skills,solve their problems
Time Management Think how to manage your time ,your stress and learn some strategies Increase productivity, motivation and overall happiness
Visual Logic Expression We have thousands of times more memory for images than words,When you need to explain something,a business model or a process to someone, instead of talking about it, let's just draw it。 Mastering the stimulation technique of the right brain, using the power of the image to reach the heart of people makes everyone draw their own logical thinking and enhance their persuasiveness Visual presentation is the most direct result; This course introduce six expression cassettes in detail,You will be well off the barriers, let your oral expression be concise and powerful, enhance your persuasiveness
DISC Personality Analysis And Interpersonal Relationship Mastered the character analysis,can make the best of it. Perfect yourself can know the others, fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat A business leader who understands the personality type of an employee can win his trust
Non-Financial Personnel’s Financial Management Learn to use daily reports
Understand the commonly used financial ratio and the company's operating status, and be able to use professional financial knowledge to analyze, evaluate and diagnose the business conditions of the enterprise
Students will operate the whole operation of a company and use the existing financial knowledge in the operation of the company, they also learn and associate cost analysis, ROI analysis, and other business elements,after several simulation, they can discern the principles, understand and master the practical application of "financial knowledge" in the company. This help enterprises to use financial resources most effectively, improve efficiency
Human Resource Management Of Non-Human Resources The course use detailed plan and design,combining the practical experience of talent choosing, training, employing and keeping, can let the supervisors master the talent choosing, training, employing and keeping skill in a short time To improve the level of human resource management of managers at all levels, improve the efficiency of human resource development and enhance the competitiveness of enterprise organization