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Supply Chain Management Courses

Course nameCourse contentCourse Benefits
Supply Chain WorkshopWhat is the cost structure of the supplier? How are the suppliers quoted? How to squeeze out the "water" of supplier quotation? How to make purchasing decisions based on quotations? How to manage supplier relationships? How to assess and control supplier’s riskMaster supply chain purchasing and negotiation skills
Win-Win Business Negotiation Strategies and SkillsThis course does not teach the deep and esoteric truth, and there is no unknowing trick or shortcut,We aim to improve students’ understanding in the full practice and discussion,experience and understand how to negotiate, how to guide the other person to provide the information they want, what is strategic concessions and how to grasp the whole process of negotiationIt also helps learners consciously adjust their behaviors and improve their self-cultivation when communicating with the others in the future, thus achieve success in all aspects
Supplier Relationship Management And Evaluating SkillAll objectives of purchasing agents must be fulfilled by suppliers, so how to select suppliers、how to evaluate suppliers、 how to manage suppliers? Different businesses have different competitive environments, so how can suppliers help companies create competitive advantage? Suppliers are the resources of the enterprise, so how to maximize the value of these resources, and how to deal with strong suppliersHow to find suppliers? How to evaluate suppliers? Suppliers’ financial assessment and risk assessment、Suppliers’ performance evaluation and improvement、 How to make suppliers create more value? Suppliers’ relationship management and contract management、8 ways to deal with strong suppliers