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Technical Management Courses

Course name Course content Course Benefits
ITIL4 Familiar with industry-leading IT service management model, familiar with industry-leading IT management best practices;
Make your IT more effective from planning to implementation to operation, lower cost and higher IT service experience; Master the process and tools of performance appraisal and development of IT service management
Lack of necessary soft skills in how to achieve customer’s satisfaction. To master the international forefront of IT management theory and related standards; Change the traditional technology thinking mode, and form the consciousness of architecture and process management ability; To understand the information gap of different industries and establish the confidence to realize the industry informatization benchmark; Combining theory with practical operation, peer-to-peer training and communication, deep understanding of typical successful enterprise experience
TOGAF9 Learn the overview of TOGAF9、 Architecture Vision、business structure、 Information system architecture and technical architecture、Architecture Development Method、Enterprise architecture continuous series、Architecture content framework and metamodel、Architecture development methodology and guidelines,and Framework capability framework etc. --TOGAF9's latest content. The core content of TOGAF9 framework will be understood and taught through instance analysis and teaching. The application scenarios of this core content are analyzed and discussed; they can be used flexibly in the development of actual architecture planning Combine the enterprise architecture with the practical situation of the enterprise,learn the practical skills of enterprise architecture,Master the real operation process of enterprise architecture planning and design, Includes: business architecture, application architecture, data architecture, real operation of technical architecture design, and discussion of core delivery content and development methods of enterprise architecture
DevOps Master DevOps is an acronym for "development development" and "operation dimension operation".DevOps Aims to promote collaboration and communication between IT professionals (developers, operations personnel, and support staff) in the lifecycle of applications and services, finally realize: continuous integration, from development to transportation of peacekeeping support easy switching; Continuous deployment: continuous release, or release as often as possible. Continuous feedback: seek feedback from stakeholders at all stages of the application and service life cycle 《The Phoenix Project》A Novel About IT,DevOps,and Helping Your Business Win DevOps changes the way employees think;DevOps attaches great importance to the diversity of work done, supports the subjective process created by enterprises to accelerate the realization of value, and evaluates the impact of social and technological change. DevOps is a way of thinking and working that enables businesses and individuals to create and implement sustainable work practices
COBIT Framework;
control objective;
Management Guidelines;
IT assurance guide;
COBIT application example;
COBIT Products and support;
Network security assessment;
practical case
The COBIT Foundation certification is an exam that can be held worldwide by the Information Systems Audit and control Association (ISACA), which is certified by COBIT Foundation after passing the exam. The CobiT Foundation certificate is a necessary condition for participating in the higher order curriculum of CobiT. After the training, the certificate of completion is obtained, and the COBIT examination on the third day of the third day can obtain the global unified COBIT Foundation expert certificate issued by ISACA (international information system audit and control association)