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Product Management Courses

Course nameCourse contentCourse Benefits
Product Manager Design Thinking CampTo help students understand product design based on agile design thinking; The students have an intuitive sense of the process of product designLet students be in actual scene simulation, drilling and group discussion, effectively improve the process of discovering user needs and designing new products,then it can be applied to specific problem solving in practice
Cross The Swamp Of Product DemandsThis training requires students to bring the objective conditions and problems encountered in their actual work to the classroom,turn the training site into a "roadshow" to find solutions, ideas and methodsThe teacher is guiding all the time, timely make the pertinence explanation, effectively combine the theory explanation and the landing practice.
Facebook Agile Quick StartHelp the product team to quickly understand the goals, complete the requirements, and formulate the release project and delivery planDirectly integrate with enterprise projects, Directly produce realizable action plan.Team co-creation, work together, visual process,master reusable process and tools
Opportunity Identification And Business Model Top DesignA framework and method that reduces risk, delivers results faster, and increases success ratesA business leader who understands the personality type of an employee can win his trust
User Story: The way To Master

User story is the most important and mainstream tool for requirements writing in agile project management. In the past few years I found there were some challenge for it:
■What is user story and how to communicate it with the team
■The foundation knowledges of user story writing
■What is the relationship of user story and the requirements
■Detail-adding with progressive elaboration
■How to write the accept criteria
■How to split the user story
And I think there would be more that I don’t write down. All those challenges make the user story looks so hard to use in the work.So I hope I could share my work experience with you to solve the challenge I mentioned above. And in this way the user story become a powerful technology you could use every day and bring you a lot of value.

According to company’s current questions or challenges,combine with real projects/products,guide students to create, open the door of innovative thinking,design a new product/service process in a week and provid the user with the ultimate experience